One-Time Clean-Out

Miracle Shred's one-time purge cleanout shredding service is designed for businesses and residents who need a single clean-out of their unwanted documents and papers. Whether you have a few file boxes that you need to shred or a thousand boxes full of old confidential documents, our state of the art on-site trucks will come to your location, collect the material, and destroy all unwanted documents quickly and efficiently at our secure plant location.

One-time Purge

Miracle Shred provides San Francisco Bay Area residents and organizations with reliable and efficient, shredding solutions that ensure records have been properly destroyed and they are beyond recognition. Our one-time purge shredding option is carried out quickly and directly on-site at your location. Our team of specialists will securely shred your sensitive records through the use of our industry leading expertise, and the best shred equipment. Our promise is that you will gain peace of mind in knowing your business is in excellent hands.

Regardless of whether you have little to shred, or an entire storage room requiring secure shredding, our professional team will handle purge shredding services of any size. In fact, from the beginning of the process to the end, we’ll ensure a smooth and stress-free experience each and every time.

One Time Purge Service is Perfect For

  • Annual cleanouts
  • Shredding sensitive documents for compliance purposes
  • Shredding prior to an office move
  • Finalizing of an audit or litigation
  • Corporate consolidation

Protect Your Info

Purges are the safest way to protect yourself, your employees and most of all your clients from becoming a victim of identity theft.

Excellent Service

There are no hidden fees with our purge service, and our team and equipment is the finest

Go Green

100% Of Your Documents Are Recycled


Our shredding process is simple, convient, and secure for our customers.

  • Contact Us

    Contact our friendly staff to arrange a convient date for your needs.

  • Bins

    We can drop off secure lockable shred bins for easy and secure document collection.

  • Shredding

    Our team securely destroys your documents or media, our trucks all have cameras so you can watch the entire process.

  • Certificate

    Our customers will receive a Certificate of Destruction which is legal proof that your documents and/or media have been securely shred.