The Law Says You Must Shred – FACTA

Since the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) went into effect in June of 1995, it has become a legal necessity for companies to employ a person exclusively for document destruction. Businesses are required to provide professionals with the necessary equipment for proper document disposal.

The law was enacted to make sure all business-related documents are discarded in the safest possible manner to eliminate any chances of identity theft. Not all businesses are aware of the compliance requirements of the FACTA Law.

FACTA Law Fines

A company that fails to comply with the FACTA law can end up with huge fines. Fines under State Law could go up to $1000, while the other penalty under Federal Law could be around $2500, for violation and non compliance for one single violation.

In addition, if a employee accuses an employer of identity theft, and his employer is found to be guilty of facilitating access to personnel information through poor document disposal techniques, chances are the lawsuit will be in the employee's favor.

FACTA law compliancy is not difficult to a achieve, you only need hire a professional document destruction company – Miracle Shred.

Federal HIPAA Regulation Mandates

The HIPAA (Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability) laws affect almost every healthcare provider. It defines that the information in client files belongs to the client, not the practice and MUST be protected.

The HIPAA Privacy Rules require certain specific methods of handling the protected information of clients. Fine, penalties and possible jail time can be imposed for non-compliance.

Shredding Law

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